Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Blog Post

My Heart…
Everything has a beginning and this is it for Looking Well to the Ways.   I will start with the basics about myself and what my hope is for my blog.  My name is Melissa and at 28 years old, I have been married over 11 years.  Yep, I married my first “real” boyfriend when I was 17!  Despite ups and downs, we’re still crazy about each other and I can’t imagine life without him!  I’m convinced that it wouldn’t be nearly as fun!  Our daughter is five and a half and is our pride and joy.  Truly a blessing and truly trying at times!  J  I am currently a stay at home mama but I have been a home-based child care provider during most of the years since I gave birth to Olivia.  A few years ago I stumbled upon a wonderful blog, Passionate Homemaking and then realized what a high calling it is to be a homemaker.  I had always had an intense desire to be that woman but I didn’t realize how many others felt the same way!  The blog really opened up a new world to me where I could get advice, become inspired and be encouraged.  At the time I discovered Passionate Homemaking I was providing child care, my daughter was only three and there were days that I just wanted to sit down and cry.  But these blogs kept me going on those days when I felt completely inadequate to do this job that the Lord had blessed me with.  My hope and prayer is that my blog can do that for someone else.  I want to encourage and lift up other wives and mothers.  I will journal my thoughts and feelings about my life and interests, loving my family, living for God, and serving others.  I plan to include thoughts on mothering, cooking, frugal living, educating through experience, hospitality, ministry, intentional living, crafts, holidays and celebrations and general homemaking tips and tricks that I’ve learned as a young wife and mama.  The name of the blog, Looking Well to the Ways is a reference to Proverbs 31:27, “She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.”  This esteemed woman sets the standard high but I desire to be as much like her as possible.  It’s a daily struggle but it’s what I strive for.  Join me on this journey and we shall where it takes us! 

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